ADHD Barcelona – Neurodivergence and more

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A warm welcome and hello to my webpage.

As a psychotherapist (licensed by German law) I am trained in a broad variety of mental health topics and can therefore offer consulting and coaching concerning more topics than ADHD, please visit the “my work” page for more information.

As a late diagnosed neurodivergent woman myself, I know the struggles which can come with the realisation, that one was different their whole lives.
It can bring a huge relief to set things in order for past experiences with the new light of knowing about one’s neurodivergence.
I don’t just offer the perspective of a neurodivergent adult but can add with my broad understanding of the human interactions and my training as a psychotherapist (licensed as cognitive behavioural therapist under German law).

Concerning ADHD oftentimes a coaching can help when no other co-morbidities (like depression or anxiety) exist besides. In a coaching we can focus on daily tasks and struggles or look at the biography under the neurodivergent lense, working on understanding and the impact on selfworth and selfconciousness on the way.

I am offering face-to-face appointments in Barcelona-Centre as well as in MatarĂ³. For now, please reach out via Email if you want to make an appointment (f2f or online).

More detailed information can be found on the other menu options.
Please note: coaching and counselling can’t take into account emergency crisis. If you feel like you are in a crisis and need immediate help, call 112 (international emergency calls within the EU) to get the help you deserve. Don’t hesitate, as the people on the other line are trained to help you and are really kind.

Some feedback I received from clients (mostly translated from german) so far:
“Thank you for listening”
“Thank you for not being so stiff”
Supervisor: “You create strong therapeutic relations”
“Thanks to you I was able to see the good behind allowing your emotions”