About Me

This page contains my attitude, my history and my academic vita.

My Attitude

The most important things for me in my work:

Intersectionality and Acceptance: I have the opinion, that structural differences exist and that they have a huge impact on the lives of different groups of society. Therefore different clients come from different perspectives in life. I know and accept this as given. I want to help with my toolbox individually, without negating experiences which are made by my clients. I want to be an ally and welcome
LGBTQIA*, BiPoC and neurodivergent persons!

Open to critique: I ask for being criticised and told if I unknowingly use the wrong term or language and also if a tool or technique I suggest don’t seem to fit for my client. An important part of my work is an exchange along the way. I want to be at the same level and page and take full responsibility if I make a mistake. In knowing this I can change my approach and suggestions and the work becomes more fruitful.

Transparency: I want to make clear in every possible aspect, why I suggest or explain something and what possible reason or connection to the actual work exists. E.g. I explain techniques before they are practised, because I want an informed decision to try the mentioned technique. As my clients bring their topics, it is their decision how we work on those topics, not mine.

Authenticity: In our training to become licensed therapists we learned, that authenticity is important for not creating contradictions (and therefore not being perceived unreal or weird). This is why I chose not to hide my piercing and my oftentimes exaggerating gestures and facial expressions. But I also know, being able to be authentic in this regard is due to my privileges as a white cis-woman.

Appreciation and Empathy: Another important aspect of my work and for being at the same level is appreciation and empathy. Even though toxic positivity exists, it is important to me to appreciate the little things in life and the good moments all the while pointing and working on the harder moments and topics for an individual with empathy.

My History

2023 was a huge year of change for myself. In March I not only took the official exams to become a licensed psychotherapist under German law but I also got diagnosed with ADHD myself and then in July I moved to Barcelona/Catalunya/Spain to end my long-distance-relationship with moving in together.
Besides my professional training as a psychotherapist I know first hand how life changing (sorry, pun) big steps like seeking a diagnosis to make sense to your life experience, moving to another city or even country or finishing a long lasting education can be.
Therefore I can offer a perspective on the same level as my clients as well as open my big tool box of cognitive behavioural tools to make change happen where it is needed or wished for.

Early on it was important to me to be on the same level as my fellow humans and speak on the same level with respect and compassion.
Therefore I worked as a teaching assistent in my first studies of linguistics and later on as a student counsellor and coach for fellow linguistic students. I loved to see enlightenment and understanding when I was able to explain certain topics about the university or studies of linguistics. Therefore I chose the profile of “Communication and Cognition” in my first Master’s studies, learning about language pragmatics and daily use of language.

While working in research, I early started missing closely working with and guiding people. This was the reason to change pathways and start anew with studying psychology. First I wanted to stay in the counselling section. But over the course of my studies I learned that working in the clinical field and learning ways to ease mental health problems also was a field of big interest for myself.

Therefore it was no big step to start the training for becoming a licensed psychotherapist in Germany after finishing my Masters degree in psychology. Over the course of my training I benefitted from my attitude of being on the same level again. I got to know many wonderful persons (both colleagues and clients) and am still hoping I could add a positive aspect to their lives while we met. At least the feedback of my supervisors was positive about this and in general.

I really thrive for adding something positive to someones life by opening up my tool box and meeting at the same level to work on solutions together.

Experienced with:
As a licensed cbt psychotherapist for adults in Germany I treated so far:
Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Panic Disorders, Personality Disorders,
Addiction, Eating disorders, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, Affective Disorders


Abitur (German graduation from school and being able to study at a university)

Enrollment at Bielefeld University Study Fields: Linguistics and Philosophy
– whilst studying working as teaching assistant and studential coach for linguistics students

Bachelor of Arts Linguistics/Philosophy

Master of Arts Linguistics (Communication and Cognition)

Research Assistant EU-Project JAMES

Begin of studies of psychology

Bachelor of Science Psychology

Master of Science Psychology

07/2019 – 06/2023
training to become a psychological psychotherapist (CBT) (bi-weekly seminars plus 1800+ hours of in-patient treatment training and 850+ hours out-patient training both under supervision)(BIPP GmbH)

07/2019 -02/2020
Working in a psychiatry ward (drug-detox-ward) as part of the training treating in-patients (gpz Detmold)

Working in a rehab-clinic specialised on eating disorders, treating in-patients thereof 4 month of fully responsible group-therapist (Klinik am Korso)

01/2021 -06/2023
Treatment of out-patience in the training ambulance of my training institution (BIPP GmbH)

March 2023
Approbation-Exams for psychological psychotherapists

May 2023
Graduation as approved psychological psychotherapist under German law (getting the official licenses and certificates)

July 2023
Moving to Catalunya; starting the process of approving the German license under Spanish law (ongoing)

Further Education (certified for psychotherapists under German law):
10/2023 (association of German psychologists) BDP e.V. : fit for ICD-11: sexual health; sexual disorders and gender-incongruence
11/2023 (psychological council of Bavaria) PTK Bayern: Refresher psychotherapy: state of the art Trauma – Diagnosis and Treatment
11/2023 (psychological council of Berlin) PTK Berlin: ADHD in Adults, Treatment options and role of therapists
02/2024 (German psychotherapist association) DPTV: Working with chronic illness and disability in psychotherapy
03/2024 (psychological council of Bavaria) PTK Bayern: Refresher: working with chairs
03/2024 (German autism association) Autismus Deutschland e.V.: online participation 17th German congress on autism