My Work

If you are in an acute crisis, please call 112 or see the page “In Crisis” for further help lines.

The following paragraphs will explain why I offer consulting and coaching for now. Then a few examples for possible topics are given. After this an example of the process of working with me is outlined.

First let me explain why I offer coaching and consulting at the moment:
As for now my german license is not approved in Spain. (But the progress is already ongoing), therefore I am not allowed to diagnose and offer health services in Spain yet (otherwise I am breaking the law).

I offer consultation and coaching nearing the borders of therapy as near as possible, meaning: we will discover, which topics you want to work on and then creating a guideline or schedule with which we can progress on the topic you chose.

I can offer my knowledge and skills to topics of the following list (and more, list contains examples)

  • ADHD – getting to know yourself anew after diagnosis
  • Increasing resiliency
  • dealing and solving conflicts (daily life and/or relationships)
  • Stress management (identify sources of stress and finding coping mechanisms)
  • Self-care and self-compassion (there is more than taking a hot bath ;) )
  • Self-worth and self-conciousness
  • Social struggles e.g. self-introductions, giving presentations
  • Identify or find and use your ressources and sources for energy
  • Problem solving for daily life
  • daily structure and planning of time
  • Optimising of communication
  • Change of consum concerning social media, streaming or video games (as long as no addiction is present)

In a first get-to-know-Session we can figure out together if I my tools could be helpful for you.

Note on video/online-sessions:
If you chose to do online-sessions (available on Mon and Tue) or we switch to online while I am abroad outside of Barcelona, I will use video tools which are accredited by German data protection laws and medical services. (e.g. Webprax a German service, or Instahelp an Austrian service, both are encrypted end-to-end).


Before first session: If you are interested, please contact me via e-mail or contact form (found on Booking in the menu).
Your name and a bit of information about your topic, without getting too private is sufficient. I would ask more details (address, phone number, NIE/DNI or Tax Identification Number for invoices) in our first meeting, so you do not have to send this personal data via e-mail (insecure). We can establish an encrypted e-mail exchange if you use the Thunderbird client afterwards, too.

First session: The first session starts with an introduction of myself, so you can get to know me and listen to your feeling and impression if working with me would fit for you. Second I would explain the details of my informed consent agreement. After my introduction and explanation of the contract I would ask for the payment (e.g. via bizum) and gather all data needed to create proper invoices (as mentioned above), if you want to continue with the full session. I would ask you to sign the agreement between the first and second session.
We would then proceed to the introduction of your topic. Depending on the topic, we would lay out goals and I would mention early ideas to work with.

Next sessions (Beginning): The sessions in the beginning would be used to collect more information and details about your topic and yourself, so that we build a stable base for further work. At the end, we would re-evaluate your goals and create a draft of the schedule we want to work on.

Middle sessions (Progress): After we created a draft we would work on your topic respectively. Although it would be possible to change to rather recent topics too, depending on how they relate to our schedule and if a look at distractions would help our progress.

End: We would discuss from time to time, how much work your chosen topic still needed and if the end lays ahead. For ending our work, I would ask for 1-2 sessions to evaluate the process of working together and prepare for the next steps in your life.

Interested? – You can send me an Email at
or you can call me on Mondays from 18:00 – 19:00 on my spanish number “+34.674.858.995”; I don’t answer anonymous calls due to spam calls, please do not leave voice messages. You can also send me a short message/SMS and ask that I call you back.