Use of Data

I would like to explain how I use and store your data (I love transparency):

The first appointment is made by email or phone call therefore I need your name, email and/or phone number.
If we met in person I would give the informed consent agreement to you in person, otherwise I would send it via email. The contact form on the “Booking” page asks for your consent to use email, as emails are not a secure way of exchanging information. If you want to continue to use email, I need an explicit agreement on that, too, or we can establish an encrypted connection using the Thunderbird email client.

I need your personal data for invoices/facturas. I will store your personal data on a different encrypted partition on a separate USB device than the documentation of sessions (also encrypted on a separate USB device). As I am registered as self-employed in Spain currently, I do need your address, full name and your DNI/NIE or Tax-Identification-Number for invoices. Those details are mandatory by law. However, I am able to keep your detailed data closed and secured as long as the financial services do not want to do a tax inspection on me. If I undergo tax inspection I have to disclose your name, address and identification number (DNI, NIE, Tax-Identification). If this was the case, my tax accountant and the financial service will get knowledge of the information given.

I will store the documentation of sessions in an encrypted folder on a separate USB device, it will not be the same folder as the one for the invoice information, so that documentation with anonymised code will not be able to be linked to the detailed personal data for invoices.

I will create an anonymised code for documentation. I will save documentation up to 10 years, as is recommended for health services, even though I am not offering health services at the moment.

You have the right to look at the documentation of our sessions at any time, but I need a 3 days notice so I can print and bring the requested documentation or transfer it to another USB device. For printing I would ask you to pay the printing costs.